Educational Psychologist
in Port Elizabeth

Kaitlyn Mac Geoghegan

HPCSA Registered

Services I Offer


Parent Guidance

Psychometric Assessments

School Readiness

Career and Subject Assessments

Emotional Assessments

My Practice

I am an Educational Psychologist in Port Elizabeth. I practice from my Therapy Rooms in Sunridge Park.

I make use of an eclectic approach comprising of a systemic focus, while acknowledging both positive psychology and resiliency frameworks. I therefore consider each individual within the environment in which they are nested and the reciprocal influence of these areas on the client.

My interventions are client centred in nature, whereby the client is viewed as being the expert on their own life, with their own inherent strengths and resiliency which can be tapped into, in order for them to actualise their true potential and optimise their functioning.

MEd Psychology (UP) | BA Honours Psychology (NMMU) | PGCE ECD & FP (UNISA) | BA Psychology (NMMU)

What is Educational Psychology?

Educational psychology focuses on assisting children and young people with emotional, learning, academic, intellectual, behavioural, social and developmental difficulties. They work with young people and their families, to help them to achievetheir full potential.

"it's never to late to help your child better themself"